Tips for Hosting a Summer Party at Amberton Apartments


Plan the perfect party at Amberton!

I love entertaining family and friends in my apartments in Manassas, VA and summer is the best time for barbecuing outdoors while my guests can mingle freely inside in the air conditioning.

When I first started hosting these parties, there was always something missing, whether it was ample seating or a grocery item I had forgotten, I was always leaving my apartments in Manassas, VA to grab something or other. I have since learned my lesson, and now I have all of the essentials prepared long before hand, but here are some helpful tips for hosting a great party every time.

  • When barbecuing, make sure you know how many people you are cooking for. It is embarrassing to not have enough meat for everyone, and hosting is tiring even if you have eaten.
  • Make sure all of the cuts of meat are portioned to basically the same size to eliminate the possibility of undercooked or overcooked meat.
  • You can also help the cooking time by letting the meat get back to room temperature immediately before putting on the grill.
  • Most importantly, be sure to clean your grill.

Got any other favorite party tips for Amberton get-togethers?  Comment below and share!

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